We are a family of artisans, craftsman, designers and more! For years we have been doing local craft shows and events and managing our online shops where we offer our own handcrafted products and services. You can find our products on sites like Amazon and Etsy as well as our own branded websites.  


Over the years we have spent countless hours honing our crafts, sharpening our skills and selling our creations. This journey has given us a unique opportunity to engulf ourselves in the handmade world in a way that most people never could. We have walked through hundreds if not thousands of booths and tents at various shows, markets and marketplaces. Not to mention the thousands of hours spent scouring the web studying our crafts, gathering inspiration and looking for the next product to add to our own personal shops.

This is part of why Handcrafted Gift Shop was created. We come across so many cool, interesting and beautiful items along the way that it is almost impossible to keep track of everything.

curate & discover

Now when we come across unique high quality handcrafted items that the customers love and are raving about or products that would make the perfect gift for that special someone we put them here on Handcrafted Gift Shop for everyone to easily find.  

We hope this will not only save our visitors the time they would have spent searching for a handmade gift but to also help with gift ideas, how to articles and videos and much more all focused on the Handcrafted and Handmade world. 

recommend & suggest

The products, services, lessons and everything that we recommend here at Handcrafted Gift shop are things we ourselves have found over the years, use on a regular basis or were recommended to us by our customers, friends, family and our communities. 

We do our best to vet all of the makers and items we recommend here, we read all the reviews and do our best to research from the point of view as a customer and as a maker. We only recommend the best quality items here and are always open to suggestions.

educate & inspire

We are not just all about unique handmade products here at the Handcrafted Gift Shop, we are also all about sharing fun, interesting and educational videos, blog posts and other content all focused around handmade gifts, crafts and more. 

You will find comprehensive Gift Guides focused on finding the perfect gift for that special someone no matter what the occasion is, How To videos and posts from around the world to help you create your own handmade products or how to personalize or customize other items to make the perfect gift and more.

Why we do what we do

The Best Gifts Are Unique, Personalized And Handmade!

Making other people happy and putting a smile on someone's face is an amazing experience and feeling! We have had the pleasure over the years of making a lot of customers happy, we have hundreds of 5 star reviews combined and work hard to make sure we exceed expectations on every order. 

But it is not just about our customers experiences, the real excitement comes from the stories we hear about the gift receivers and their reactions! How much they loved their handmade gift, how thankful they were to receive such a thoughtful gift, how they tell their friends about it every chance they get and the different ways they are using or displaying them.

It really is a Win Win for everyone involved, not only is the person receiving the gift going to be ecstatic but the gift giver is also a super star in this equation! Your gift will not be put in the regift pile or secretly returned to the store so they can buy something they really want.

Our Main Goal Here Is To Help Bring That Experience To More People!

We hope to accomplish this by making the process of giving the perfect handmade gifts as easy as possible. You will find useful gift guides, product collections based on interests, age, demographic, price and more. Buyers guides and idea suggestions centered on current trends and popular or seasonal items that anyone would love to receive. 

Maybe you are looking to craft your own handmade gifts, that is where our DIY section will come into play. You will find useful articles and posts focused on crafting your own wonderful gifts. Helpful videos and tips as well and complete project kits where you can buy everything you need to complete your gift with just a simple click on trusted sites like Amazon.

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